Shingikan was inaugurated April 5 2011 .

It is ” space is provided and forging with a practice of thousand days , and smelting with a practice ten thousand days ” ( to create a foundation and forging , to complete the road one and smelting ) and in the words of Miyamoto Musashi , but Kancyo Asayama 30 to the training year (Thousand days ) karate , and enlightenment that karate current is not in the training of the mind on it , and launched a Shingikan by a sense of mission and belief must be training of karate = heart was .

The true meaning of karate Museum , there including a sports element as ” tournament kumite ” and ” martial arts ” . The two elements will be able to aspire to ” personality development in harmony ” and that we ” persevere ” in modern society .

The big competition , body movements are limited will be requested sport elements like a kumite competitions . But this would have involved significantly to age and body disparities and gender continues karate and outcome , but also in Karate ” state of mind ” that can not be experienced only in the game kumite that ” survive ” it will be also very useful in that .

Type, martial arts demonstration , because it is a thinking on the battlefield , regardless of age and body gap , gender , life training has come to be able to .

Technology type is formed to be able to kill all the people , we will continue to personality development while wearing the technology . And I have a essence of karate in place that the ” wins without a blow ” wins an opponent without the skill of the ultimate .

Of Shingikan as ” practice ” , rather than kumite carried out in the dojo or game , I teach that it is ” practice ” is how to go on lessons learned in the dojo in everyday life .

And the goal is to triumph over yourself, cultivate a humble heart to come out of self-confidence , you aspired human formation harmonious .