Tokyo open seminer

What is karate?
What is Ki?
There are answers arrived Asayama director is continue to seek
Principle obtained through verification of the operator that the only thing
Rather than MMA Karate rely on force leading to collision, there is the principle in harmony with the subject’s heart
Way of life of daily life is changed into harmony pursuit of principle, it will lead to the real strength
Dream of human beings will spread by principle.

Because it is a principle of mind subject, you can all people learn the weak, the strong, age, regardless of sex.

Experience, to practice at the venue of the answer one principle only, let’s enjoy learning.

5 days [Date] October (Sut)
Multi studio before accepting 17:30
START: 18:30 to 20:30
[Location] BumB Tokyo Sports Center
In: Multi-studio
(〒 136-0081, Koto-ku, Tokyo Yume no Shima 2-1-3)
4,000 yen general adult
3,000 yen junior high school or less

[How to apply]
From Shingikan Tokyo branch website contact form, please apply after specifying your name, address, telephone number, e-mail required number.
I hope your transfer after an application, To receive the payment for the account number.
Will be mailed a ticket confirmation.